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Tifosi Optics Prescription Sunglasses

Tifosi Sport Sunglasses are the most affordable yet high quality Sport sunglasses for men and women. Now available with Tifosi Prescription Lenses at FastSunglass.com!

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Tifosi-Tyrant 2.0-848869005879 Tifosi-Veloce-848869000461 Tifosi-Dea SL-848869005572
Tifosi-Tyrant 2.0-848869003431 Tifosi-Podium XC-848869002816 Tifosi-Lore-848869002885
Tifosi-Tyrant 2.0-848869003486 Tifosi-Dea SL-848869005756 Tifosi-Elder-848869005312
Tifosi-Elder-848869005350 Tifosi-Talos-848869005497 Tifosi-Dolomite 2.0-848869000096
Tifosi-Dolomite 2.0-848869000102 Tifosi-Dolomite 2.0-848869000119 Tifosi-Duro-848869000126
Tifosi-Duro-848869000133 Tifosi-Duro-848869000140 Tifosi-Duro-848869000164
Tifosi-Duro-848869000171 Tifosi-Duro-848869000188 Tifosi-Duro-848869000195
Tifosi-Duro-848869000201 Tifosi-Duro-848869000218 Tifosi-Wisp-848869000232
Tifosi-Podium S-848869000263 Tifosi-Podium S-848869000270 Tifosi-Dolomite 2.0-848869000324
Tifosi-Veloce-848869000393 Tifosi-Veloce-848869000409 Tifosi-Veloce-848869000423
Tifosi-Veloce-848869000430 Tifosi-Veloce-848869000454 Tifosi-Veloce-848869000478
Tifosi-Radius-848869000485 Tifosi-Radius-848869000508 Tifosi-Radius-848869000515
Tifosi-Radius-848869000522 Tifosi-Radius-848869000553 Tifosi-Veloce-848869000584
Tifosi-Wisp-848869000652 Tifosi-Radius-848869000669 Tifosi-Podium S-848869001406
Tifosi-Podium-848869001574 Tifosi-Podium-848869001581 Tifosi-Podium S-848869001598
Tifosi-007-Tyrant-874444004746 Tifosi-Wisp-874444004777 Tifosi-Wisp-874444005071
Tifosi-Wisp-874444007402 Tifosi-Core-874444007709 Tifosi-Core-874444007716
Tifosi Core Sunglasses 75 Iron Frame GT Lens Small - Medium Fit
Price: $39.95
Black Friday Price: $32.36

Tifosi-Core-874444007723 Tifosi-Core-874444007730 Tifosi-Core-874444007754
Tifosi-Wisp-874444008164 Tifosi-Podium-874444009642 Tifosi-Podium-874444009659
Tifosi-Podium-874444009680 Tifosi-Podium S-874444009697 Tifosi-Podium S-874444009703

Tifosi Prescription Sunglasses FAQ's

Can I purchase the Tifosi Tyrant and have my prescription lenses made?
Yes, you can now get the Tifosi Tyrant with prescription lenses depending on your prescription. The Tifosi Radius also accommodates prescription lenses and the Tifosi lab will install the lenses into the frame. The Podium and the Roubaix sunglasses have an adapter that sits behind the lenses that will accommodate higher prescriptions.

What Tifosi mens sunglases are available with prescription lenses?
The top rated Tifosi mens sunglasses are the Dolomite, Duro and Torrent. The Podium Sunglasses are very popular as they are extremely light weight and completely rimless. Again, with the Podium sunglasses, you will need an rx adapter that sits behind the lenses that will hold your prescription.

What lens material are the Tifosi Prescription sunglasses available in?
The Tifosi Prescription sunglasses are available with polycarbonate lenses which is light weight and shatter resistant. This is the recommended lens for sports enthusiasts.

Can I purchase Tifosi sunglasses with progressive lenses?
Tifosi Prescription sunglasses are only available with single vision lenses. However, you can check out our other prescription sunglasses brands here.

How much are Tifosi Prescription Sunglasses?
Tifosi offers great prices on the frames and the prescription lenses. Unlike many other brands, you can get a pair of Tifosi lenses with the frame for $200!