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Persol-PO3046S-8053672000467 Persol-PO3105S-8053672345087 Persol-PO3102S-8053672300413
Persol-PO3103S-8053672301687 Persol-PO0649-713132165331 Persol-PO3025S-713132412688
Persol-PO2953S-8053672080476 Persol-PO3037S-Po3037S-8053672146493 Persol-PO9649S-8053672129489
Persol-PO3072S-8053672218787 Persol-PO3007S-8053672244816 Persol-PO3091SM-8053672246124
Persol-PO0714-Folding-8053672320053 Persol-PO9714S-8053672300154 Persol-PO9714S-8053672300178
Persol-PO3098S-8053672299854 Persol-PO3099S-8053672300024

Persol Sunglasses

Persols are undeniably one of the most legendary brands of sunglasses in the world. Having made sunglasses for more than 100 years, their experience speaks volumes. Well made and competitively priced Persols will be a great pair for you!

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Persol FAQ's:
Are there any Persol women's sunglasses?
Answer: Yes!! Many of the Persol frames look great on women or men. Our staff faves for women's Persol's are the women's cat eye PO3023, PO2998, and PO2999.