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Best Golf Sunglasses 2014

If you are looking for some of the best golf sunglasses on the market look no further than here! From Nike to Bolle, we are offering professional grade golf sunglasses that will definitely create the competitive edge for your game.

Best Golf Sunglasses for 2014:
Best Golf Sunglasses FAQs:

Question: What is the best lens color for golf?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry on the best golf sunglasses! The best lens color for golf is one that will offer you contrast so that you are able to keep your eye on the ball, read the lie of the land, and the slope of the greens. Bolle has a great golf lens called the Photo V3 Golf Lens which is light adjusting and greatly helps with depth perception. You can get this brown colored Golf lens when purchasing the Bolle Draft, Bolle Chase, Bolle, Bounty and Bolle Draft models. Bolle also has a popular Eaglevision Golf lens for the Parole and Vigilante models. Tifosi is another brand that offers a very affordable Golf and Tennis lens which helps balance the background brightness – you will be able to keep your eye on the ball! Kaenon provides a great copper polarized lense that people love on the golf course as well – Check out the Kaenon Hard Kore model. Kaenon provides the C12 copper lens on all of their models so you can choose whatever style you like!

Question: Should I wear sunglasses with polarized lenses for golf?

Answer: Wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses while golfing is more personal preference than anything. In the past, golfers were concerned that the polarized lenses may distort their vision while putting. In recent years, the technology of manufacturing polarized lenses has drastically improved, therefore allowing even the best of professional golfers to choose polarized sunglasses over non polarized. Occasionally you may see a professional golfer remove his or her sunglasses while putting, but for the most part, you will see that they do wear sunglasses and many of them are polarized.

Golf Sunglass Tips!

Here are some tips to consider:

Lens Color: Copper or brown polarized lenses are most frequently recommended for Golf. The Copper or Brown color provides contrast on the greens. Dips in the terrain are more noticeable with these lenses. Of course, if you prefer to keep the colors true to life, a grey lens offers the same protection without changing the contrast of the colors!

Polarized Lenses: The polarization will block the glare from the sun, allowing you to follow your ball in flight as well as reduce eye strain.

Pricing: Our sunglasses for golf range from a sporty, cheap pair of Mountain Shades Sunglasses for $13-$30 to a nice high quality pair of Kaenon Golf Sunglasses for $174 and up.
Both brands offer copper or brown polarized lenses which are recommended for golf.

Best method of cleaning your golf sunglasses: No matter how tempted you are, don't ever clean your golf sunglasses with your shirt or your golf towel. Most golf sunglasses have an A/R (Anti-reflective) coating on the back and sometimes on the front which helps reduce glare. The A/R coating is extremely delicate, and cleaning your lenses with a shirt or a golf towel could damage the coating therefore causing your lenses to allow more glare through the lens. Use a cleaning solution to moisten your lenses first and then gently rub them clean with a microfiber cleaning cloth. We have a FastSunglass Cleaning Kit available for only $5.99! If you want a high quality cleaning cloth that you can keep with you and support your favorite team, try the Hi Look Cleaning Cloths.